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Pre-planning the funeral service

Another aspect of pre-planning is determining what kind of funeral service you would like to have. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Make an appointment with your pastor, the pastoral minister, the liturgist or other staff person in charge of funeral planning.  Find out what guidelines the parish follows. Some parishes have a helpful checklist of things to be considered.
  • Reflect on Scripture readings that are special to you. What Gospel story speaks to you of your own life? Ask for a list of the optional readings for a funeral in your parish. Perhaps you can use that list as a means of meditation on your life and on what death means for Catholic Christians.
  • What are the hymns and music that are used for funerals at your parish? Which ones do you think appropriate for your own celebration of new life? 
  • What members of your family and which friends do you want to have certain roles in the various services?
  • If you have not made arrangements with a cemetery, consider calling The Catholic Cemeteries to review burial options.
  • If you have not made prior arrangements with a specific funeral home, your parish may assist with recommendations.