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Traditional Burial Options (in ground)

Monument Graves 
The choice of many generations of families, monument lots provide highly visual places of burial. Characterized by the placement of an upright granite monument at the head of the  lot, this option requires purchase of a minimum of two grave spaces side by side. Monuments are easy to locate throughout the year.

Flush marker graves
Flush marker graves are characterized by the placement of a ground-level granite marker memorializing either one or two people. The marker is typically located at the foot of the grave.

Lawn crypts
Lawn crypts include the grave and a pre-installed outside burial container. These can be memorialized with  an upright monument, a flush marker, or a bronze ledger marker,  depending on the type of lawn crypt chosen. Sizes include options that accommodate two burials —  double depth or side-by-side.

Family estate lots
This option typically allows for burial of many family members in one larger lot. Estate lots are sold by the square foot and allow for a customized layout of conventional and cremated remains burial spaces to meet a families specific needs.  Estate lots also allow more freedom of size and design for the monument or a private mausoleum.

Traditional Burial Options
(in ground)

Monument graves
Flush marker graves
Lawn crypts
Family estate lots

Mausoleum Burial Options (above ground)
Chapel  and Garden Mausoleums
Private above-ground options at Resurrection and Gethsemane

Cremation Burial Options
Mausoleum niches
Garden abbey
Cremation boulders and cremation benches
Traditional cremation graves and lawn crypts
Additional Right of Burial.
Private family columbariums
Garden of Gethsemane