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Visiting Your Cemetery

The custom of visiting the cemetery and praying for the dead can be traced to the women who returned to the tomb of Jesus that Easter morning to mourn and complete the preparation of His body for burial. Then and there they discovered that He had been raised from the dead.

Today, our visits to the cemetery are prompted by our love and faith. We come to remember, to mourn, to give thanks for the life our beloved shared with us, to pray for peaceful rest in death, and to strengthen our belief that one day we will be united with our beloved in Eternal Life.
At The Catholic Cemeteries, we desire that your visits to the cemetery be frequent, prayerful and strengthening to your faith. 


We come to this sacred place, the earthly home of our departed loved ones, where they rest in peaceful slumber, awaiting the day of resurrection.

We come to this sacred place to be close to God and remember the love He has for us.

We come to this sacred place to think of God and eternity, to pay a tribute of love and reverence to those we mourn, and to pray for the eternal repose of their souls.

We come to this sacred place in prayer, asking for the intercession of those who are before the throne of grace.

We come to this sacred place and are reminded that God is vividly present, for always and forever.

We come to this sacred place as so many have come before us and will continue after us, as a member of God's family.

Adapted from a sermon given by Archbishop John Ireland